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10. February 2021



How the ongoing mergers and acquisitions scramble and the frantic pace of digitalization of healthcare are reshaping traditional relationships between healthcare consumers and providers. Data-driven advancements are arriving in the form of both precision medicine and healthcare consumerism. We are starting to see redistribution of the in-person visits between traditional providers and emerging ones. Traditional healthcare is making big investments in digitalization programs that will enable consumers to get the best of both worlds, namely a virtual experience for routine healthcare and urgent care needs, and an in-patient experience for acute care needs. For a high-quality patient journey, these two worlds must be tightly integrated. Cost-effective and purposefully-designed, technology-enabled healthcare solutions can improve the well-being of millions of people and radically change the way services are delivered to patients. 


DIGITAL HEALTH NORDIC 2021 provides a unique look at the role of technology in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. At the epicenter of technological change, the event provides a chance for everyone in the healthcare industry to learn, network, and share in how tech can help provide better health outcomes.
You’ll hear from powerful keynotes, top technology companies, startups, established healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians, researchers, associations, regulators and other top thought leaders in the caregiving community as we explore multiple aspects of the world of digital health.

themes of the day

Key Takeaways

Stay on top of the game with current and future healthcare trends

Learn to acquire new and confirmed healthcare strategies  

Do's and Don't's from world-renowned experts  

Game changing innovation models in healthcare services

Unique meeting between colleaques and experts

Identify growth opportunities in digital health

Better understand which technologies and services will be the primary industry drivers in the short term  

Gain insight on new approaches to achieve more efficient management of the healthcare process 

Explore the impact of new technologies and regulations on market potential 

Where Great Minds Unite











CEO & Co-Founder, Fifth Corner Inc.


Nelli Såger is an entrepreneur passionate about achieving impact through business.  Nelli was one of the founders of Fifth Corner Inc., the creator of a coaching service for knowledge organizations and healthcare providers. The science-based concept helps its users build sustainable routines for balance and performance through personalized micro-action programs and AI-powered coaching. Fifth Corner Inc. was acquired by Hintsa Performance in the fall of 2019.  Nelli is an engineer by background, an enthusiastic road cyclist and musician in her spare time. She is the co-author of the Book of YOU (Penguin Books, 2015) which has been translated into 10 different languages. 

TEDx speaker, therapist, coach, writer and tv host, Fondberg & Wincent


Patrik Wincent is an authorized therapist, he is a coach, a writer of five books such as “the digital drug”, “Nomophobia” and the “digital babysitter” amongst others. A lecturer and spoken word artist. Patrik Wincent comes from Sweden, Stockholm and is the founder of “Fondberg & Wincent”, a company with the main focus of offering counsel to people and companies who are dealing with digital stress and to offer education in how to prevent and recognize digital stress. Patrik Wincent is also the host of the popular tv program “Lyxfällan”, also founder of “Dataspelsakuten”, a company which is similar to Internetakuten, but deals with people who are struggling with video gaming addiction.


Director of Conversation Design, Babylon Health


Ben Sauer is Director of Conversation Design at Babylon Health, formerly of Clearleft. He's worked with organisations like the BBC, Pearson, Tesco, and TCS to raise their design game. He’s been speaking about and training people on the topic of voice UI for several years; particularly in how to rapidly design conversational experiences. Teams at Amazon and the BBC use his methods, and through O'Reilly, he's trained folks at NASA. 

He’s also spent many hours at home removing the ridiculous things that his kids have added to Alexa’s shopping list.

On the web @bensauer



 Digital Health Advisor and NHS Clinician


He has a background in primary healthcare, public health, research and supporting the digital transformation in England. Sam leads on programmes designed to support citizens accessing health services, development of technology that enables integration and digitisation of urgent and emergency care. He strongly believes the introduction of technology, that leverages the power of insight through data, can improve efficiency, system capacity and clinical effectiveness. Sam and his team work with a number of industry partners, research units and SMEs on digital developments in England. Sam has previously held roles as the clinical lead and commissioner for urgent care as well as overseeing the development of online access to urgent and emergency care in England.



European Lead for the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Digital Health, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute


Jessica Shull is a Strategic Adviser to the Digital Therapeutics Alliance. She is also Digital Health Manager on clinical trials and digital projects for respiratory disease at Bellvitge Hospital in Barcelona. She worked 13+ years with the WHO on digital health for global health system strengthening and epidemic response. Consultancies include World Bank, mHealth app evaluation guidelines for Europe, and EU regulations for US digital diagnostic start-ups. She has a MSc from the Medical College of Georgia (US), an MA form the University of Trento (Italy) and is pursuing a PhD in BioMedicine at the University of Barcelona.



 Co-founder, Data for Good Foundation


With an impressive career in Denmark, a happy and tech savvy nation, Claus has contributed to national and international projects, and helped make Denmark a global leader of digital health and care tech. He was a pioneer in launching mobile solutions back in the 1990s for health and social care, later promoting political awareness and uptake of IoT, robotics & tech services for citizens, patients and older adults. Today he is a digital nomad, working to enable access to affordable mobile healthcare in Thailand and other countries, and developing a platform to ensure that patients can exercise meaningful control over their data.  Claus survived cancer and daily beats his diabetes with sweat, food and tech. Claus tweets at @deadpoolNET



Acting Director of Communication, Norwegian Directorate of Health


Live Bøe Johannessen is a senior advisor in the Norwegian Directorate of Health. She is responsible for all external communication in the public health field, managing implementations of national guidelines on lifestyle habits such as nutrition, physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol and mental health to the public. Big governmental campaigns are an important part of this work. She has for the last two years worked on digitalizing and gathering self help tools for prevention and lifestyle guiding to support the public and health services in their work fighting habits that contribute to premature death from NCDs. Johannessen is persistent that better prevention of disease is a key factor for a sustainable society. 



Co-founder of Liva Healthcare


Rune Bech is the co-founder of Liva Healthcare, that is selected as a provider by NHS England for its high-profile digital diabetes prevention programme. Liva Healthcare already has a mature market in Sweden and Denmark, and are driving strong clinical outcomes through its platform for lifestyle change with a real human personal coach via an app. Rune Bech is one of Europe’s “dotcom front-runners”. Already in 1998 he co-founded NetDoctor.com, the leading European health information portal. So far he had co-founded and sold three digital health companies in 21 years, with Liva being the latest venture with offices in London and Copenhagen.



MD, PhD. Chief strategy officer, Halland hospital group, senior consultant cardiologist


Markus Lingman is chief strategy officer at the board of the Halland Hospital group. He has a background in cardiovascular research and clinical work as a senior consulting cardiologist. The last decade he has had managing positions in healthcare including head of division covering emergency care and internal medicine specialties. Over the last years his research has focused on AI applied in healthcare in addition to his interest in the benefits of integrated care systems unleashing the power in data to leverage information driven care development.

Business Unit Head, Digital Services, Mehiläinen


Ossi Laukkanen is an eHealth innovator and a strong executor implementing innovative ideas to value adding services. Ossi is leading the eHealth development at Mehiläinen, the biggest private social and healthcare provider in Finland

VP of Medical Services, Lähitapiola Insurance Company



Director of Real World Data Strategy and Business Development, BCB medical


Passion for combining science with the digital world, by leading a group of  exceptionally tech savvy individuals. In my previous life: +20 years of pharma and medtech international experience. Member of EFPIA HTA WG and Orphan Access Group 2007-2011 and chaired EDMA HTA and CDx WG 2011-2016. Worked with market access, outcomes research, and health policy globally. M.Sc. from Helsinki School of Economics and M.Sc. in HE from Karolinska Institute.

Country Manager, Pagero 


Toni Pihamaa joined Pagero in 2010 and works as the Area Manager for Pagero in Finland and Eastern Europe. Toni has an information technology degree (QIT) and has worked almost two decades with Procure to Pay Automations, both within project management and programming as well as in sales. Thus, providing him with a comprehensive experience in automating processes in order2cash and purchase2pay cycles as well in other internal processes and a broad understanding of overall management. 

Professor Emeritus, Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition University of Eastern Finland


Professor Emeritus, Primary Health Care, University of Eastern Finland. Born in Turku 1951, qualified physician 1977, Dr Med Sci 1993, professor in general practice, University of Eastern Finland 2005. Clinical experience in a health center, geriatric care, different posts in a central hospital, 4 years in Tanzania. Research in geriatrics, methods in assessment of clinical effectiveness of medical treatments.

Technology Officer, HUS


Pekka Kahri is technology officer at HUS Helsinki University Hospital, which is the biggest public healthcare provider and academic medical center in Finland and one of the leading hospitals in digitalization in Europe. Formerly he has worked as Director of Information Services at THL – National Institute for Health and Welfare, with extensive experience in national health registries and data resources as well as Finland’s national eHealth infrastructure and Kanta services.

Managing Director, Movendos


CEO and co-founder of Movendos, which is a spin-off company from health behaviour research. Health & Wellness solution professional and entrepreneur, building customer need oriented solutions for personalized healthcare. 










Medical Director, City of Helsinki


Medical director of Finland’s largest public provider of basic healthcare service. Clinician with expertise in both emergency medicine and public health. Passion to lead with knowledge and information and to develop wide scale digital services to public sector.

TEDx speaker, Ethicist, CEO, CoHumans


Anna Seppänen is an ethicist specialised in business ethics, sustainable work and corporate social responsibility. She is CEO and co-founder of CoHumans, a research-based consultancy company helping organisations to develop ethicality and humane working culture. Her diverse expertise originates from working as a researcher of social ethics at the University of Helsinki, specialist in service design agency Palmu and project developer in the Project initiated by the President of Finland to prevent social exclusion of youth.

Development Manager, HUS, TestBed


Satu Pesola is the Head of Development of HUS Testbed, a partner of the Nordic testbed network, Nordic Proof.

Chairman, Medical Director / EDEVENT


André Heikius is an experienced healthcare professional and innovator, medical doctor and management consultant. He is founding partner and Medical Director of nutrition and obesity intervention company Edevent. As an experienced obesity doctor is the founder of and Chief Medical Officer at Mehiläinen NEO Weight Clinic in Finland. He is Executive Manager of Finnish Association for Obesity Medicine, and is medical advisor for global companies and private healthcare, a speaker and writer. 

CEO, Delevor


Cristina Andersson is an Entrepreneur and a Boardmember. She is also a non-fiction author and an educationalist After publishing ”BohoBusiness – Victory of Man Over Machine” (Talentum 2012) she has become an expert in artificial intelligence and robotics working as an advisor to different ministries in Finland, The EU Commission and Parliament as well as the EESC Committee. Cristina is a consultant to The Finnish National AiRo (artificial intelligence and robotics) Program for Health and WellBeing that aims to create a Quantum Leap in Healthcare in Finland.


Apart from her daily work Cristina studies Quantum Computing which, she believes, will revolutionise the way we solve the wicked problems of the universe and human kind.

Chief Medical Officer, Mehiläinen


Kaisla Lahdensuo has over 15 year of experience in public healthcare, digital health care services, and pharma. She also has a strong background in research, with post doc studies on effectiveness of digital health interventions. At Mehiläinen she has worked since 2017, focusing on leading the development of data analytics and digital tools for both professionals and patients.

Chief Specialist, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare


Teija Hammar does development and research in nationally and international projects concerning an area of health and social care (aged people), especially home care, quality of care and integration of services.

Chief Medical Officer, Mehiläinen Digital Clinic



CEO, Atostek


Mika Torhola is the Managing Director of Atostek and an enthusiastic healthcare software innovator. He began his career as a software designer and he has been involved with healthcare and welfare software for over 20 years. During his years in Atostek, he has been part of creating a new kind of healthcare solution. This solution is Atostek eRA which provides a service layer and a connection point to National Health Record and makes it easier for all kinds of service providers to connect to Kanta.

Vice President, Health and Life Sciences, CGI


Mikko Heikkilä works with account management and solution portfolio development activities at CGI Suomi. He has 20 years of experience in healthcare IT both in vendor and buyer roles, but also as an end-user. Currently his special areas of interests include efficient utilization of IT as a driver for improvement and staying up-to-date on emerging technologies.

CEO & Founder, Auntie


Mervi Lamminen is the founder and CEO of Auntie Solutions. Auntie is revolutionizing psychological support for employees, aiming for a world without burnouts. Easy access digitally and early stage support are keywords when helping people to feel better and be more productive.Before becoming the matron at Auntie, Mervi was a director in a growing IT-company. That's when her need for stress management and burnout prevention became apparent. Even motivating work with great customers can take its toll, and she was forced to face questions such as how to maintain joy at work and how to recover from the long hours day after day. Now she wants to help other people in similar situations with Auntie - with easy access and as early as possible.

Board Member and CEO,

BC Platforms


Mr. Tero Silvola has over 20 years of experience in leading healthcare companies and establishing new ventures in healthcare services and healthcare IT. Mr. Silvola (MSEcon) is a Board Member and CEO of BC Platforms 2013-present. BC Platforms is a pioneer in bioinformatics, genome data management and data science. Company has built a technology platform to answer today's most ground-breaking research questions in next-generation sequencing (NGS) and genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Today Mr. Silvola contributes and works in different board positions in healthcare - companies and non-profit organisations. Silvola holds a board position in BCB Medical Ltd. (Healthcare Software), NSION Ltd (Public Safety) Suvanto Care Ltd. (Home care technology) and Scope Ltd. (Social Impact Services).

Senior Manager Global IT Service Delivery & Operations, Global IT Infrastructure, Hartmann Group


Massimiliano is passionate about IT and new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking. He finds rewarding inspiring people and stimulate their creativity so to help them achieve their objectives. Massimiliano sees IT not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to enrich, to engage, to enable and to proactively contribute as a “Technology Innovator” to accelerate and serves business.

He leads the digital transformation through a global virtual and multicultural IT organization in step with the strategy of a multi-division-group and is transforming the IT Infrastructure team into a global innovative, effective and high performing team. Massimiliano has an MBA and has an extensive track record of building, standardizing and aligning IT organizations to achieve excellence, profitability and success in different industries (Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail), and developed a significant expertise in IT Infrastructure, IT consulting and IT Management.

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Ambassador, StartUp Health Europe & Israel


CEO at Nordic Healthcare Group


Country Manager, Pagero Oy


CEO and Founder at Inscripta 


CBO, Health, Terve.fi, A-Lehdet


Chief Medical Officer, Mehiläinen


Partner at Salivirta & Partners


Development Manager, HUS, TestBed



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