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The resilience of our society, living standards and healthcare system has just gone through an unpredictable stress test. The world changed exponentially in just a few months.


Countries had to react rapidly to start gathering real time data, indicators and clinical evidence, and to adapt to a constantly changing public health landscape in order to optimize the sharing of existing healthcare resources.


A microscopic small virus accelerated the need for digitisation, collaboration and innovation. In this cross road of modern history, a new age of health and care ecosystem and its purposes, services and infrastructure will take form.


In the aftermath of the outbreak the preparedness of health systems to fully optimize the value of data when it really is vital will be unquestionable. Another long tail will be the re-distribution of health services, better quality and accessibility, proactive solutions, cost reduction and improved patient experience and working conditions for professionals.


Join us for a road-map guidance and a unique look on using technologies to push care beyond the four walls of one hospital, to connect multi-site systems to work as one, to connect people to their own care and to enable integrated care to be delivered at a system level.


While prioritizing prevention, personalized care will improve outcome and reduce costs. Know what is making a positive difference to patients right now. The future of Digital Health is here - anywhere & anytime!


Welcome to Digital Health Nordic.










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Jesse Kamras Moderator.jpeg

Jesse Kamras


Jesse Kamras is a charismatic and experienced TV-anchor and business event moderator. He is an excellent interviewer and has diverse background from Finland's largest media houses such as Yle and MTV.




Kaveh Safavi, M.D., J.D., is a senior managing director at Accenture where he is responsible for leading, developing and driving a growth strategy that differentiates Accenture’s offerings for providers, health insurers, and public and private health systems across the globe. 

A seasoned executive, Dr. Safavi brings more than three decades of leadership experience to Accenture Health. Prior to joining Accenture in 2011, Dr. Safavi led Cisco’s global healthcare practice. Before that he was chief medical officer of Thomson Reuters’ health business, vice president of medical affairs at United Healthcare, and had leadership roles at HealthSpring and Humana. Among his many accomplishments was establishing one of the Midwest’s first electronic-health-record-enabled primary care practices.

Kaveh_Safavi NEW_edited.jpg
Dipak Kalra_i-HD.jpg

Dipak Kalra

President | The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data | UK

Professor Dipak Kalra is President of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (, a Professor of Health Informatics and a former London general practitioner. He plays a leading international role in Electronic Health Record R&D, including the reuse of EHRs for research. He has led the development of ISO standards on EHR interoperability, personal health records and data protection. He participates in multiple EU Horizon and IMI projects including the generation of real-world evidence in pregnancy, the governance of patient-centric clinical trials, frameworks for the design and governance of mobile health programmes, scaling up the quality, interoperability and the reuse of health data for research including inputs to the European Health Data Space, scaling up of the collection and use of health outcomes towards more value-based care, and initiatives to explain the value of clinical research to the public.



Marko leads Accenture Nordic’s Health and Public Service practice which partners with leading government and healthcare (private and public) organizations to innovate and deliver digital solutions to provide better citizen experience, increase efficiency and deliver better outcomes for citizens and patients. Marko is passionate about how Health and Public Services can be transformed by digital technologies and how they can improve the quality of life for citizens and patients and at the same time make services more affordable and accessible. He emphasizes the role of analytics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Christopher Morton_ELEM Biotech.jpeg

Christopher Morton

CEO | ELEM Biotech | UK

Specialising in emerging technology ventures and markets, Chris worked across mechanical industries (aero, auto, energy) before turning to health tech 4 years ago. With ELEM, Chris and his Co-Founder have taken up the challenge to deliver the most powerful and safe environment for medical trials by simulating human physiology on supercomputers. Prior to ELEM, Chris held executive roles at Atos and Sogeti HighTech (CapGemini), set up Altair France, founded and led Samtech UK until its acquisition by LMS, now Siemens. Chris has an international background, read Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College and Business Studies at Hult IBS. He enjoys sports, finance, and politics and took a special interest in Grow Movement and mental health.

Claudia Pagliari

Director of Global eHealth | University of Edinburgh | UK

Claudia Pagliari PhD FRCPE is a senior lecturer in primary care at the University of Edinburgh, where she leads the Global eHealth research group.  She has been studying digital health for over 20 years, including its applications for consumer health, patient care, health systems strengthening and research, and also has a special interest in digital ethics. Over the years she has co-founded a number of significant graduate training programmes, including the NHS Digital Academy, and acted as external examiner to related academic programmes, including currently at the University of Oxford. She is a member of various international scientific review boards and a consultant to government bodies and the World Health Organization, and is a member of the WHO Roster of Experts in Digital Health.

_Claudia Pagliari.png
Andrzej Rys.jpg

Dr. Andrzej Rys

Director Health Systems, Medical Products & Innovation | European Commission  | BE

Dr. Andrzej Ryś is a medical doctor specialised in radiology and public health, graduated from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.  In 1991, he founded the School of Public Health at the Jagiellonian University that he ran as Director until 1997. Between 1999 and 2002, he continued his career as Deputy Minister of Health in Poland where he developed a new system of emergency medical service and reformed the education system for the health professionals.  In 2006, he became Director for Public Health and Risk Assessment at the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO), in the European Commission. From 2011 to September 2022, Dr. Andrzej Rys was the Director responsible for Health Systems, Medical Products and Innovation in DG SANTE, in the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, where he is now Principal Scientific Adviser since 1 October 2022.

Katrin Crameri

Director | Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics | CH

Katrin Crameri is the director of the Swiss Data Coordination Center and responsible for the interoperability of healthcare data, with a view to efficient and responsible use of health data for research. She leads the technical implementation of the Swiss Personalized Health Initiative (SPHN) and manages the Trusted Research Environment (BioMedIT) established for the secure mobilization, processing and storage of sensitive research data.

Katrin Crameri.jpeg
Saurabh Patel_IHH Healthcare.jpeg

Saurabh Patel

Group Chief Marketing Officer | IHH Healthcare | SG

Saurabh Patel is currently Group Head of Marketing for IHH Healthcare, one of the world’s largest private healthcare networks with 82 hospitals in 10 countries, where he oversees Marketing, Sales & Digital initiatives.  

He has 22 years of experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Consumer Healthcare and Healthcare Services having led brands & businesses across India, South East Asia & USA at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, and now IHH Healthcare. Saurabh is passionate about patient & consumer centric solutions, and how technology, data and insights can be harnessed to deliver better healthcare experiences and build more fruitful, long term relationships with patients and consumers.

Cecilie Løken

Chief Technology Officer | Vestre Viken Hospital Trust 

Cecilie B Løken is a technology manager with a long experience from private and public sector. She graduated in 1991 from the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim and holds a Master in IT and software development. Her career started in the IT and telecom industry in France and Norway, working with software development and architecture, software quality assurance and continuous improvement. She moved on to the public sector and spent many years at the ministry and directorate level, working to implement the first Norwegian digital critical communications system for the emergency agencies. Since 2018 Løken has been the CTO of Vestre Viken health trust, an organization of 10 000 employees providing hospital and special health care services to appx 500,000 people in 22 municipalities west of Oslo.

Cecilie B Løken - CTO Vestre Viken.jpg
Petra Oláh.jpg

Petra Oláh

Senior Product Strategist | Supercharge 

Personal health and healthcare technology have always been at the center of my life. Throughout my years at the university and working as a medical product design expert, I always strove to create solutions that genuinely impact one’s quality of life. As a Product Strategist, I aim to develop solutions that drive behaviour change and help us live better, healthier, and smarter. I believe the key to success is to focus on the overall user experience around the products while considering the potential challenges of personal health management.

Oliver Heinze

Researcher, Entrepreneur & Head AI Innovation Center (pAItient Project) | Heidelberg University Hospital

Oliver is a medical computer scientist by training, graduated from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. During his scientific career he has been holding different research and leadership positions at Heidelberg University hospital including the acting director of the department of medical information systems. Together with his teams he is one of the architects of the Rhine-Neckar Region Personal Electronic Health Record (PEPA) health information exchange, the Medical Data Integration Center (MeDIC) as well as the innovation center for applied artificial intelligence of the university hospital. Oliver is an expert in digital health with key aspects in information systems, interoperability and patient engagement.  He is author of numerous publications, speaker on national and international conferences and he raised a couple of millions of third-party funding. His work was distinguished by several awards. Furthermore, Oliver is Co-Founder of phellow seven, a digital patient engagement company.

Oliver Heinze NEW.jpg
Bjørnar Andreassen NEW.jpg

Bjørnar Andreassen

Programme leader, The Norwegian Welfare technology Program | Norwegian Directorate of Health / Helsedirektoratet (NO)

Bjørnar Andreassen is working in The Norwegian Directorate of Health as program leader for the National Welfare Technology program. He has extensive experience in the fields of health technology, health administration, medical rehabilitation, quality measurement and quality improvement. The Norwegian Directorate of Health's roles are being a professional agency, an executor of health and care policy and an administrator and interpreter of legislation. Bjørnar has a background as a physical therapist, he has a master's degree in health administration from the University in Oslo and a bachelor's degree in health management from BI Norwegian Business School.

Essi Kainonen

Leading Physician, Digital Health Services | BeeHealthy (FI)

Essi Kainonen, MD, (University of Turku) works in Mehiläinen and BeeHealthy as Medical Director of Digital Services. She is responsible for the medical quality and development of the Digital Clinic and the BeeHealthy platform.

Essi is a strong believer that digital services are our gateway to smarter healthcare. Digital Transformation enables improved accessibility, quality supporting functionalities, major gains in efficiency and wiser utilisation of data. These improvements hold the potential to revolutionise healthcare providers' ability to deliver patient-centered, value driven healthcare.

Essi Kainonen_Mehilainen-beehealthy.jpg
Catherine Ludden NEW.jpeg

Catherine Ludden

Head of Clinical Research Interface | Genomics England  (UK)

Dr. Catherine Ludden is the Head of Clinical Research Interface at Genomics England and is responsible for driving and shaping the clinical research interface, to harness synergies at the intersection of healthcare and genomic research. This will enhance rare and complex diagnoses in NHS patients initiated by the research community and provide support to clinicians for complex diagnostic and treatment decisions. Prior to joining Genomics England, Catherine was Director of Operations for the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK). During this role she oversaw COG-UK operations, developed long-term strategic plans and coordinated public health investigations and engagement of stakeholders.

Nanna Skovgaard

Director of Health and Social politics center | Local Government Denmark (KL) | DK

Bio coming soon.

Nanna Skovgaard_Local Government Denmark KL.jpeg
Tero_Silvola (1).jpg

Tero Silvola

CEO | BC Platforms (FI)

Tero Silvola was appointed CEO of BC Platforms October 2013. Mr Silvola has extensive experience building Technology Centered high-growth companies. In addition to his role at BC Platforms, Tero is Chairman of NSION (Finland), member of the Boards of Nova Discovery (France), Bone Index (Finland) and Industry Trade Organisation Healthtech Finland. Tero holds a MSc In Economics.




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