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DAY 1 | 21.1.2020

DAY 2 | 22.1.2020

Customer Requirements to Future Healthcare Service
The Moderator Kick Off
KEYNOTE: Health Consumers
  • Borderless healthcare

  • Top five changes anticipated in the next decade

  • Home or hospital - when, where and with whom 

  • Used extend patient selfmonitored data at emergency situation - risks and possibilities.

KEYNOTE: The Balance of Power, Decision-Making and Transparency
Live Boe Johanssen, Acting Director of Communication, Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • Prevention and early intervention as a goal

  • From prevention to rehabilitation and everything between

  • Digital health in Norway - digital platform and tools for prevention of ncds/improved public health

CASE: The Availability of Data and Personalised AI
Teemu Uotila, CEO (Vincit CoOp), Vincit  
  • Patient-Generated Health Data

  • Identifying high-value use cases

  • MyData usage case experiences - the new health care currency

  • Social impact bond project cases

Cost Effective and Patient-Centred  Smart Healthcare
Arto Leppisaari, Managing Director, Movendos
  • Time & costs reduction from all parties

10:30 BREAK
PANEL Reshaped Roles of Health Insurance
Hosted by Mehiläinen
MODERATOR: Ossi Laukkanen, Business Unit Head, Digital Services, Mehiläinen 
  • Strategic partnering to gain competencies for future healthcare delivery 

  • Could carepath be predicted based on selfmonitored data?

Programmer eXperience in Digital Health
Mika Torhola, Managing Director, Atostek 
  • What does Programmer eXperience mean to the future of Digital Health?
  • From closed APIs to open source: Shaping the field
  • Programmer eXperience as a new export
KEYNOTE: Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in Healthcare Systems
Jessica Shull, European Lead for the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Digital Health, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute 
  • What are digital therapeutics? Real world case studies

  • How are DTx products being integrated into European healthcare systems?

  • Benefits of DTx to the healthcare provider and patient

12:15 LUNCH

Patient Experience – On the Way Towards Distributed Health
KEYNOTE On My Patient Pathway 
Claus Nielsen, Co-founder, Data for Good Foundation
  • CASES: Creating the ideal patient experience with top/bottom experiences
WORKSHOP Tools for automated material handling between hospital and supplier
Hosted by Pagero

CASE My Healthcare Data
Lisse-Lotte Hermansson, Director of Real World Data Strategy and Business Development, BCB medical
  • Perceptions of data disciplines use cases: Hospital and Home

  • Lead-times in healthcare delivery

  • Efficiently waiting/idle times with metering f.ex

Smart Advances in Healthcare for Geriatric Patients
  • Smart Elderly Care with AI

  • How to get ready to utilise data generated from connected medical devices

  • Optimise the supply chain End-to-End

14:45 BREAK 

Specialized Primary Care & Personalized Care with Mass Production Efficiency
  • Value Based Integrated Care

  • Choice, Ethics & Autonomy

  • Passion to help customers

  • New players in the ecosystem 

KEYNOTE: The Genome Generation
  • Informed to manage your own health 

  • The amount of genomic data is soaring – and the challenges growing

  • Genomic data – confidential and secure?

Compassion: The Human Connection to People Care
Anne Birgitta Pessi, DTh, Director of the CoPassion Team, Professor in Church and Social Studies
  • Human empathy vs. machine Intelligence - by machines more time and empathy to human interactions

KEYNOTE: Be The Hero of Your Own Story
Insights of 3D printing for medical & pharmaceuticals market in global industry
  • 3D Printing – A novel approach to design and manufacture personalized medicines

Managing Change in Healthcare
KEYNOTE: The Collaboration Mindset
Ben Sauer, Director of Conversation Design, Babylon Health
  • Patient pathways that help to see the value

  • Reach with your team new beyond traditional boundaries for better outcomes

  • Future tools to communicate

Key Regulatory, Compliance And Legal Challenges The Digital Health Revolution Has  Created
  • Will the regulatory framework catch up with what is possible today for another five years

  • Genomics law and secundary use for research and development purposes

Agility – What Healthcare Can Learn From Other Industries
  • Cross-Functional teams and increased collaboration

  • Trust and sharing

Key Reasons Why Some Projects Succeed - Some Don`t
Satu Pesola, Development Manager, HUS, TestBed
  • Best practices between ICT and healthcare organizations

  • Why we failed and how we continued

  • Project schedule management

10:20 BREAK
Smart Workflow & And Role Of Digitools
  • NPL and cognitive agents

  • ML and advanced analytics software

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

  • Future of primary healthcare education: current problems and potential solutions

Automated material handling for efficiency and patient safety
Toni Pihamaa, Country Manager, Pagero Oy
  • The digitalisation of material flows and the impact on efficiency, accuracy and reliability

  • Employees “fear” about automation – a focus on people and personnel welfare

  • Case study


KEYNOTE BIG Players Going After The Healthcare Industry

James Daltas, Account Manager, Strategic Startups, AWS Nordics & Baltics

  • Direct reach to a large customer Base

  • CareKits

12:00 LUNCH
Forerunners Do It Like This

FIRESIDE CHAT: The Future Doctor, Patient and In-Between
  • Tech disruptive future of healthcare

  • Privacy and connectivity​

Disruptive Healthcare Visions 
  • E-Commerce and mobility

  • Integrated supply chain capability

  • Managing cost in value chain


KEYNOTE Systematic Value Impact

  • Value/outcome based care systems

  • Infra investments

  • How to manage change in a traditional health care organization and infrastructure

14:30 BREAK 
KEYNOTE How Digital Health Coaching Can Be Scaled and Drive Outcomes
Rune Bech, Co-founder of Liva Healthcare
  • The challenges chronic diseases present to global healthcare today

  • The role of digital lifestyle intervention in rolling back or halting chronic diseases

  • The benefits of digital lifestyle intervention for payers and providers: prevention, cost-saving disease management and risk management.

KEYNOTE: Digital Health vs. Digital Sickness
Patrik Wincent, TEDx speaker, therapist, coach, writer and tv host, Fondberg & Wincent
  • Sustaining well-being rather than responding to illness

  • The next generation of sensors

15:50 IT'S A WRAP

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