VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe. We use our scientific and technological excellence to provide innovation services and develop smart technologies for our domestic and international customers and partners. With our cutting edge medical technology research and health care industry knowledge we help our customers to create new innovative technologies and service concepts for better future care.


Pagero is working actively to create a standardized process between suppliers and customers in the healthcare sector. Our vision is that e-commerce should be mutually beneficial for all parties.

We offer everything from basic e-invoice services that connect you to our network and ensure that your business complies with local legislation, to a global one-stop shop, which makes it possible for you to handle O2C and P2P processes from start to finish for all your business units in Europe. We help you reach your goals.

Toni Pihamaa

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Atostek is a software company with rock solid knowledge of system development. We are engineers of digitalisation with sound experience in health care and medical applications, industrial product development, and public sector information systems. Our customers desire to provide first class digital services or to develop products based on most recent technology.

Mika Torhola

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PulseOn wearable health device will offer doctors and health care professionals an affordable and easy to use option for screening and monitoring of atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. Our advanced and validated algorithms will provide accurate optical beat-to-beat heart rate measurement and reliable analysis for the detection of the disorders. PulseOn device is comfortable to wear for up to seven days without recharging and the information can be easily accessed and analysed by the health care professionals.

Anna Nykänen

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Vivago® develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions for preventive care. Vivago’s solutions increase the feeling of safety with automatic alarms and by providing wide range of wellbeing information to support daily care and to follow-up the effectiveness of care. Real-time notifications inform about changes in the person’s wellbeing and it enables care providers to react proactively and focus on individual care. As a pioneer in health care technology, Vivago already ensures safety for tens of thousands of individuals in Europe.

Renne Kaseva

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BuddyCare is a care coordination and patient engagement platform that digitizes and automates patients’ care pathways from home to hospital and from hospital to back home. The BuddyCare App provides patients with all the information and actions they need to navigate throughout the care process.  Through BuddyCare Pro, the care personnel have real-time visibility over patients’ preparation and recovery activities. The tool is used to collect, analyze and visualize patient data, which allows care personnel to focus on those patients most in need of attention. The solution helps hospitals to reduce administrative work, reduce no-whos and to improve patient experience.

Jussi Määttä

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Tiedon tavoitteena on olla Pohjoismaiden johtava ohjelmisto- ja palveluyritys ja asiakkailleen paras kumppani liiketoiminnan uudistamisessa. Tieto arvioi informaation olevan tulevaisuudessa suurin, jatkuvasti kasvavan yhteiskunnallisen ja taloudellisen lisäarvon tuottaja. Tiedon tavoitteena hyödyntää datakeskeisen maailman mahdollisuudet ja tuottaa niiden avulla arvoa yksilöille, organisaatioille ja yhteiskunnalle.


Movendos is a technology and coaching company focusing on need oriented solutions for individual health and wellbeing. Movendos Health Platform is a comprehensive healthcare solution for time reservation, surveys, remote appointments and chat. Movendos Health Coaching enables right timed individual coaching support for company employees with proven results. The company roots are in health and behavioral sciences. 

Paula Mäkeläinen

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Bittium is a trusted Finnish company with over 30 years of experience in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing. Bittium provides professional design services and technology expertise in the areas of medical devices, network infrastructure, and IoT solutions. Strong competence in R&D services, wireless devices, digitalization and information security along with the ISO 13485 certificate enable us to create solutions which bring clear added value to both healthcare workers and patients.  

Markku Pikkarainen

+358 40 3445057


Solutos was founded with the mission to renew practices in mental health and psychosocial services. We have developed the Solutos Care Optimizer for analyzing and tracking of care plans. We employ 30 people in clinical practices, research & development and are looking for partners and new customers.

Kalle Horjamo

040 569 2840


StartUp Health is investing in a global army of Health Transformers working on 10 Health Moonshots to improve the health and well-being of everyone in the world.

Steven Krein

Cauha Care offers a digital occupational health service for detecting early signs of burnout caused by work-related and other factors. Early burnout detection is one of the key factors for a successful HR prevention strategy and saves more money and effort the earlier it is carried out. The detection happens with the help of easy access questionnaires which only take approximately 2 minutes of the employee’s time to answer. Mind & Climate service has an increasing number of satisfied customers in business and educational settings. It is being systematically developed by a renowned multi professional team.

Jukka-Pekka Hamarila



HealthFOX Easier Tomorrow is a unique rehabilitation and self-care integration platform as well as a patient's collaboration system. Our service concept works as a comprehensive self care digital solution for the daily work of doctors and professionals for the benefit of patients. HealthFOX improves communication between patients and professionals, engagement and motivation in self care, as well as enables the monitoring of impact of care and comparability of information directly from the patient.

Kimmo Korhonen

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Neurosonic has developed a muscle and tissue stimulation form of therapy. Our relaxation chair uses low-frequency vibration that affects health in a holistic way. It increases the metabolism, blood circulation, fluid circulation and slows down the nervous system activity. If you add to these relaxing effects , stress-related symptoms, exhaustion and lack of recovery are relieved quickly. We have products for private households, firms and healthcare specialist. More information

Pia Kenkimäki 

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