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What if it was possible to monitor the wellbeing of the elderly in real-time?

What if there was an automatic measuring system for the effectiveness of care, process of rehabilitation and level of functional performance?

Our partner Pirkanmaan Senioripalvelut, a company providing services for senior citizens, has used Vivago’s solution to support their services for some time now. Vivago has helped the company to develop its rehabilitation services, night care processes and service models for home care.

In the spring of 2017, the City of Tampere coordinated a project called Ratko tuate that was launched to find solutions to support and measure the functional performance and effectiveness of care for elderly people. Participators in the study were City of Tampere, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG) and Vivago Ltd.

Pirkanmaan Senioripalvelut took part in a study conducted with the home care clients of the senior centre Kuuselan Seniorikeskus. The purpose was to analyse the relationship between Vivago solution and the RAI evaluation system, and whether the measurement data could be used to replace or supplement the heavier evaluation systems. The data analysis of the study was performed by Nordic Healthcare Group.

The study results suggested that Vivago’s wellbeing measurements correlated with the RAI evaluation system’s ADL and IADL6 scales. These scales are used to measure a patient’s functional performance. The Vivago’s key indicators used in the evaluation of functional performance are the circadian rhythm, day-time activities and amount of sleep.

Additionally, it was found that the RAI scale MAPLe5 used to measure the need for daily help correlated with Vivago’s wellbeing measurements. Reduced levels of day-time activity and larger variation in amount of sleep were found to indicate the increased need for help with daily activities.

Vivago’s notifications about changes in the wellbeing data indicated higher than average results from RAI evaluations when it came to the need for daily help. The study examined alerts of changes in day-time activity and the circadian rhythm, based on Vivago’s real-time wellbeing analysis. Several alerts from one resident’s data indicated higher results for the RAI evaluations, which in turn might indicate a need for a new RAI evaluation.

The study also compared the correlation between RAI’s cognitive performance scale CPS and Vivago’s wellbeing data, but no connection was found between the two.

The result of NGH’s study are significant and they validate Vivago’s usefulness in monitoring functional performance and its changes in elderly people. Changes in RAI results can be monitored automatically and in real-time with Vivago’s help. The measurements are objective and are based on continuous monitoring, rather than just the measurements taken once in a test-like setting. One of the most prominent suggestions for utilizing the results in the future is using the wellbeing alerts in the RAI evaluation for the resident’s need for 24-hour service.

In the municipality’s new model, RAI evaluation is part of the selection of measurements used by the health care system. It’s used to monitor effectiveness of care and functional performance of clients. Vivago’s wellbeing measurements are individualized and use smart technology capable of adapting to the user’s situation. Vivago’s wellbeing measurement is a huge asset in the digitalisation of care. It produces important information for the development of care procedures and assists in hands-on care activities. It also helps by automatizing the monitoring of the effectiveness of care. The wellbeing data helps us to understand what we are doing right now and why, as well as the best future direction for the development of our activities at the level of the individual, as well as the organisation.

A successful outcome is achieved by a courageous renewal of operation models and by scaling services to fit operation environments of different sizes. Vivago is here to help our partners and clients in the revolution of operational models of health care and digitalisation.

Maria Lavonen, CEO, Vivago Ltd

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