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NEP provides automated invoice matching for its member trusts

NEP Shared System Group (NEP) member organisations are already experiencing the benefits of using PEPPOL in the automated processing of invoices. All trusts have been tasked with becoming PEPPOL compliant as part of the Department of Health Scan4safety programme. Whilst this initiative drives patient safety and outcome, NEP member organisations are also finding significant efficiencies in the matching and processing of their invoices.

Rob Elsender, Application Specialist – IM&T Manager at NEP explains: “Many hospitals still receive paper or emailed invoices. This often requires manual re-keying and reconciliation prior to payment. This can be a laborious job for hospital staff. Through our partnership with Pagero, NEP is now able to receive electronic invoices into the hospital’s ERP system. Our cloud-based solution allows automated reconciliation with the purchase order and delivery note without the need for manual intervention. This increases governance for the hospitals and helps back office service teams able to more effectively support their delivery teams.”

When asked about the development, Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales for Pagero’s Healthcare division stated: “Pagero is delighted that NEP member hospitals are now able to receive PEPPOL compliant invoices directly into their ERP system. This will give hospitals much more flexibility in managing and controlling their spend. It also allows backend support services in hospitals to provide better services to their hospital and the suppliers, who help deliver goods and services to their patients. Automatic invoice reconciliation reduces significant workload for the hospital and increases traceability for suppliers. PEPPOL allows every hospital and supplier to benefit from this initiative by allowing an open network that everyone can participate in and share benefits from.”

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Contact details for more information

NEP Christine Hall – Associate Programme Director +44 (0)77 860 74289

Pagero Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales Healthcare +44 (0)77 36 89 33 32

About NEP Shared System Group

NEP Shared System Group is a not-for-profit NHS Consortium providing a centrally serviced, shared Finance and Procurement system for NHS organisations across England that support the NHS initiatives including ‘Shared service’ Lord Carter and e-procurement.

NEP’s vision is to provide NHS organisations with leading-edge technologies that are both cost effective and affordable. Working with our partners, our cloud-based Oracle ERP solution and complimentary business solutions bring value to the NHS.

NEP serves NHS organisations across the country and current membership includes Acute, Foundation, Teaching, Ambulance and Care Trusts. Formed in 2001, the NEP Consortium is hosted by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The Consortium model brings significant economies of scale which in turn lead to efficiency savings. The NEP Consortium covers service management, support and development functions which are centralised, meaning members do not have to spend valuable time or allocate scarce or expensive resources to these areas. For more information, please visit

About Pagero

Pagero is committed to making the buying and selling process easy. We help companies digitise, automate, capture and interpret data so that they can connect and engage with any business partner accurately and reliably through a single connection to our cloud-based network.

Our global and open network is independent of ERP systems and designed to seamlessly communicate business documents within the purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and transport management processes. Regardless of company size or industry, we provide data accuracy, real-time visibility and end-to-end operational excellence.

Our value-added services enable our customers to ensure data quality, obtain 100% digital inbound and outbound business document flow, minimise error handling, facilitate spend management, and achieve and maintain compliance with local VAT/tax regulations.

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