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Occupational healthcare market is changing as the small and big players are challenging each other -

In Finland the occupational healthcare market has changed fast as the big players have been buying the smaller ones. New players and digital solutions are transforming the traditional service models. This competition and new innovative solutions are doing good for the market. It seems that the small and medium-sized occupational healthcare providers are ahead of the big ones in the service content as the big players are sometimes one step ahead with their own digital solutions.

The occupational healthcare customer wants to have fluent services from one place

Occupational healthcare providers in Finland have used or piloted different digital solutions for a long time already. The basic services like time reservation online have been everyday life for big players. Now the market is moving to the next stage, where remote services are growing and the meaning of different screening and assessment tools are getting a bigger significance. When this palette of digital solutions is growing, it’s extremely important to understand customer needs to offer a fluent service experience.

The customers are expecting an easy to use and secured portal where all occupational healthcare services are easy to reach at the right time. Good digital services also develop constantly. At its best one portal includes the care need assessment tools, guiding to the right service, health screenings and surveys, time reservation, remote appointments, messaging and chat services, a view to personal health record history and even an access to individual health coaching.

In addition to the individual end customer needs mentioned below, also the company customer management and HR-management need tools which enable easy access to data related to ability to work, reporting and document sharing between company and occupational healthcare.

In the close future the emphasis of digital solutions will focus more on preventive actions instead of treatment of symptoms. Based on the personal data the intelligent cloud service can recommend actions before the first visible symptoms appear. These recommendations can be based on things like personal health history, survey reports, own individual measurements, health targets and individual’s readiness for change. The recommendations can consist of services like consulting the doctor, adding breaks to work day, walking or offering an individual health coaching for life habit change and better life balance.

This kind of an entity means a very comprehensive palette of digital services, which easily leads to mixed systems and solutions in healthcare and with their customers. It’s impossible to offer a coherent customer experience, if there are multiple services and user names. This also means that the collected data can’t be utilized in the best possible way.

A wise utilization of digital capital creates forerunner services

If the digitalization is conducted well, the occupational healthcare provider performs in a more efficient way, creates new service models and serves customers in many channels, independent of time and place. When done right, this frees resources to the most important – individual customer services, which also increases commitment and happiness related to work among professionals.

Movendos offers occupational healthcare providers a comprehensive entity of digital services in one secured portal, which is integrated to patient information system. These services are easy to reach with any device and customer specific tailored apps.

Movendos Health Platform offers the most important elements of the requirements listed above, and it’s also easy to take into use service by service, depending on the stage on digital solutions of the healthcare provider. We are happy to continue our tight and good development cooperation with our healthcare customers in Finland.

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