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Remote health coaching happens actually very near – scaling of individual service opens up a new wor

Promoting health works best, if the small positive daily changes are based on one’s individual situation of life. The common level guidelines, advices and knowledge are not often effective, because they are externally defined instead of individual’s own aspect. This is why knowledge is not enough for changing habits. Therefore the problems and costs of public and occupational health are running out of hands.

It’s a proven fact that individual coaching has a remarkable effect on life habit changes. The effect is even bigger and more sustained, if the coaching is based on aspects of individual’s own life, values, interests and motivation. This is when we talk about value and solution based coaching. In the core of this coaching model there are listening and presence which are combined to the concrete support of the coach, who is mentally walking along the whole way.

Individual remote coaching is scalable face to face coaching

Until these days the individual coaching has mainly been possible face to face in some selected meeting place, which requires more time to move from a place to another from both the coach and the customer. For many, participating any individual health coaching has been therefore impossible, due to geographical reasons, type or place of work or individual life situation.

With secured video meetings the individual health coaching is easy to scale. The trust during a remote meeting is as easy to create with an experienced coach, who is very close and present also during the video call. This makes the service more reachable for different kind of people.

Sometimes the individual remote coaching is mixed in the same soup with all kinds of health apps or remote coaching based on group coaching and same content for all. The individual health coaching has nothing to do with those solutions, because offering the service remotely doesn’t take any part of the individuality away.

There is a huge need for health coaching in companies and public sector

At the moment in Movendos we are targeting to increase individual health coaching and our coaching model in different kind of workplaces in Finland. The Model of Instant Support™ developed by Movendos and the well concepted individual health coaching can any time be applied also in public healthcare sector. Then we could focus on positive individual impact which in the end would be visible as cost savings. The media, healthcare professionals, companies and research all grief the huge health costs of both occupational and public healthcare. But how eager are professionals to see how simple solution can really work?

The coaching journey is meaningful for the good individual coach as well

The trust of a coaching relationship is built on the coach skills related to professional aspects, hearing, listening and the mutual presence of both the coach and coachee. The value and solution based method sees every person in a very holistic way instead of defining people externally by their visible problems.The root causes for problems are often somewhere else like in the lack of life management.

The essential part of waking up the individual motivation for life change is to find one’s dignity, strengths and interests. Then the different so called limitations like diseases or overload of challenging and hard life situations don’t play the leading role anymore which makes room for small positive changes and better health. This usually is sustained also in the long term after the coaching process, because the change happens in the deep thought models and priorities of life.

– Movendos Health Coaching has proven that the factors effecting the daily health behavior, habits and choices come from very deep and partially unconscious things and beliefs. ”Why would I care about myself, when I don’t value myself?” The life is always not just what is now, but also what has been before. Therefore the personal life history plays an important role as well. The coaching customers have been very willing to face and raise up also these kind of things, “when for once someone is asking the right questions”, one of the Movendos Health Coaches Hanna Untala tells.

The life change means personal growth instead of fixing

The pre-coaching surveys of our coaching show graphs and numbers related to sleep, stress, life management, daily activity and nutrition. These numbers are connected to various phenomenons in the individual’s life. These can be the constant overload of performance, feelings of insufficiency, unfulfilled basic needs, lack of dignity, fear for change, experienced hate, sorrow or challenges of self management. From this holistic aspect it’s easy to see that trying to fix just the visible problems like sleep problems, over weight or stress without recognizing the root causes, doesn’t bring any results.

A good health coach helps the customer in personal growth, which becomes concretely visible in different forms like as new kind of habits, daily choices, changes in thinking models or prioritizing things. What is also encouraging – the coaching customers constantly tell how their personal comprehension spreads also among family members and work colleagues.

Movendos Health Coaching is an individual value and solution based coaching, which is conducted by secured and trusted video meetings. The duration of the coaching is 3 months and the coach supports the change process also between the meetings by individual tasks and messaging.

In the beginning and in the end of the coaching the coachee responds to a holistic health and well-being survey. We follow the impact of our coaching both in short and long term. Only anonymous group level information is given to the employee. We also collect transparent feedback from coaching customers and guarantee the quality of the coaching.

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