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Acusphere – open interfaces boost innovation and development

The Acute patient record system already offers customisable features for the specific needs of the customer, and now, thanks to Acusphere, the system can also be integrated into third-party applications.

Acusphere is Acute’s outer circle, an ecosystem, a network of experts, whose ability to serve the customer is greater than that of a single service provider. Thanks to the expert network, the Acute system can be efficiently customised in Acusphere to meet the changing needs of the customer.

Freedom to choose your system provider

Acusphere is based on open interfaces. The basic system can be upgraded with various additional features, including Acute Plug-In products and features, which have been developed to meet the individual needs of customers. Acusphere can be used to create unique, integrated customer information systems, or, for example, standalone mobile applications.

A network of experts always has more to offer than a single service provider.

“Acute’s extendable REST-API is a solution for those who wish to take their application components to a more advanced level or create something completely new. An extended interface opens the door to third-party software developers. It enables the customisation of the Acute system in Acusphere as well as the integration of the system with the customer’s own applications, which will never become part of the product itself,” says technical director Pekka Heimonen, the developer of Acusphere and one of the visionaries behind Acute’s success story.

Significant competitive advantage and opportunity for growth

Due to the open interface, any data stored in Acute can be shared with other information systems as well. This possibility, together with the customer’s unique business ideas, enables the creation of new, market-changing business models. An extended interface opens the door to third-party software developers.

The open, extendable interface makes Acute a modern and open healthcare application platform. It enables the modification and extension of application components and frees the customer from being tied to a single system provider.

“Acusphere provides a common platform for growth for social and healthcare industry operators and IT system developers,” says Heimonen.

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