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A new decade in connected care!

As we are in a new decade of change globally, 2020 will be a reality check for long-pending national healthcare policies and regulatory reforms that must reinvigorate future strategies. It is not clear how future will play out, but there are some distinctive directions for healthcare to solve the current challenges.

There are predictions and visions for 2020 from various experts. One of the opinions to listen to is Frost & Sullivan's Transformational Healthcare Group. They are a team to listen to: From years 2019 predictions 6 played out as predicted and two remaining realized in a slightly different way than thought. Each year a group of their futurists, analysts, and consultants come together to brainstorm and predict the themes, technologies, and global forces that will define the next 12 to 18 months for the healthcare industry.

Besides the traditional access, quality, and affordability in healthcare new directions arise with social and financial inclusion. Predictive, preventive, and outcome-based care models are seen as new game changers that will reshape healthcare.

Connected care and telehealth is one of the top 8 predictions. When following the market it is easy to agree with the forecast. Connected care solutions for telemedicine are already being looked into in several tenders. At the same time, the market is beginning to shift from individual solutions focused on a specific disease to platform services. High-quality, large-scale platforms are able to capture a comprehensive amount of data and utilize it more efficiently. At the same time, healthcare professionals are freeing their time from using multiple Apps to a more user-friendly and comprehensive solution. At best, the same solution can include communication solutions, remote monitoring, screening, and disease diagnosis.

One of the countries where this is visible is Germany. The initial impulse came from the loosening of the ban on remote treatment by doctors at the 121st German Medical Assembly in May of 2018. Remote treatment is now permitted as a sole method of treatment without any initial personal contact between the doctor and the patient. Health care providers are now actively looking for the best of class solutions to fit their need in remote monitoring.

We at Medixine have been working with healthcare IT for over 15 years and have launched our platform solution for connected care in 2018. We have been happy to work with our customers to build leading services. Check to learn about our products and latest sales to Germany and Denmark. Please let us know if we can send you more information and we will be happy to give you a demo on what modern solutions can accomplish!

“Prediction #6: Telehealth will gain mainstream adoption in the overall mix of healthcare services and will expand beyond the current focus on chronic conditions

We project that by the end of 2020, progressive health systems will start to view telehealth as a standard of care option for primary care virtual consultation. In the next 2-3 years, telehealth will have full regulatory approval and clinician support. Telemedicine promises to solve the most challenging problems in the healthcare system in the years to come, allowing access to care in a cost-effective way. With the opening of the reimbursement door for telehealth services in these major countries, the outlook has improved sharply, and the landscape is changing with several projects being conducted in recent months. We believe the US healthcare payers will offer patients more out-of-network options, whereas China plans to cover 70% of the nation’s public hospital under the government-backed telemedicine program by 2022. In the next 2-5 years, 5G wireless will increase the potential for telehealth by adding more capabilities beyond the home. “

About Medixine

Medixine Ltd is specialized in connected care solutions. Originally a Finnish company, it operates in all Scandinavian countries and the EU. Medixine’s core product Medixine Suite is the result of over 15 years of research and development. It offers tools for new, more effective care where patients’ active participation in the prevention and care processes and efficient communication between all parties in the care community is essential.

For more information: CEO Lasse Rousi,, tel +358 9-452 0020

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