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New ways to predict musculoskeletal problems and mental overload

Success in having your physical and mental health in your hands requires concrete, usable and understandable tools for prediction and prevention. OmaValmius Ltd answers this need together with patented HealthFOX digital platform.

The physiotherapeutical coaching programs of OmaValmius Ltd have about 20 years showed their effectiveness in customer results. Skills in rediction and prevention as well as relieving of musculoskeletal symptoms have been results over and over again among most. After co-operation with HealthFOX – easier tomorrow our customers have been able to use since 2019 also digital tools for their personal efforts in health.

Co-operation with special psychotherapist and experienced professional Tiina Korvenranta made us possible to use Valmius-approach also in preventive mental coaching.

It is a huge challenge to keep professionals at work until normal age of retirement. Unergonomic physical and mental load cause problems that affect workability. For young only starting their professional career it is important to learn early the best ways to take care of themselves physically as well as mentally - before symptoms start to appear.

Today Valmius-customers as well as occupational health care, local health care centers and professionals of physical and mental health can support their own customers to take better responsibility of their own health with the help of DigiValmius.

”Even though it is hardly ever too late, please rather protect your body and mind in advance!”

DigiValmius is suitable for personal and group coaching. It has two areas: Physical Myvalmius and Mental Myvalmius.

In Physical Myvalmius we concentrate on adjusting the body load to prevent musculoskeletal problems and injuries. When your body is in good balance and control and the unergonomic load is compensated in proper way it is nice to be physically active. You are able to work without often so unnecessary pain. You can choose the physical activies you enjoy most.

Mental Myvalmius includes excercises to support nice balance and control of your mind as well as to strengthen the wanted ways of thinking. With the help of excercises you grow stronger in front of mentally difficult situations, reduce and prevent stress and recover more quickly.

DigiValmius also reduces physical and mental symptoms because the tool helps to find and solve the real reasons behind problems and symptoms. More information: Helena Pahkajärvi, OmaValmius Oy, CEO, tel: +358 40 549 4651,

You are most welcome to visit OmaValmius at HealthFOXin stand!

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